The Geek and the Gimp have been together for almost 6 years. They spent the first year of their relationship traveling the United States and have come home to Oregon to settle down. G and G live in the pacific northwest where it rains all the time and the computers, music and keeping up to date in the news are the top choices for entertainment.  You might find show reviews here along with the news, or you might get a story from me, the gimp. It took a year but finally the geek is posting and to that we say welcome to the comic book readers.

 We hope you enjoy what we are sharing with the internet.

The geek enjoys comic books, live music, the internet, traveling and loving his wife. He also likes to post about those comic books, heavy metal music and other entertainment articles. The gimp enjoys reading, live music, the internet, traveling and loving her husband. She loves to post breaking news, current news and other entertainment news.