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As state officials prepare planes to spray the San Francisco Bay area with pesticides to fight an invasive moth, politicians are starting to worry not only about the endeavor’s potential impacts on human health, but on local commerce.


The stunning collapse of one of the West Coast’s biggest wild salmon runs has prompted even cash-strapped fishermen to call for an unprecedented shutdown of salmon fishing off the coasts of California and Oregon.

Calif. couple that lost two houses to wildfires is planning to rebuild

Woman demands apology, says ‘no one deserves to be treated this way’

…one of the black and white kitties does have “unusual” markings – a message of love for its mother Dottie,

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LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – The settlement of a long legal dispute over rights to the Beach Boys’ name has restored good vibrations among the three surviving original members of the famed group, attorneys in the case said on Thursday.

Britney Spears’ father will retain control of the singer’s assets and estate for another five months, a Los Angeles court has ruled.

GORDA, Calif.- If you’re going to be heading down the Big Sur Coastline anytime soon, you’ll probably going to want to have a full tank before you leave with the price of crude oil skyrocketing. With gasoline following the same direction, the Americo gas station in Gorda, just south of Big Sur is selling premium unleaded gas for $5.39 a gallon. If you can do without premium regular’s a relative bargain at $5.19.,1,2559719.story