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By The Geek

Captain America died this week.  Well, die may not be the right term.  Murdered, killed or assassinated might be better terms.  The mainstream media has been covering it pretty extensively this week.  As a comic book fan, it’s always an interesting novelty to see our little ghetto of the publishing world receiving coverage in the mainstream media, but it’s almost always frustrating that they so often get the stories wrong.   This week was no different.

There seemed to be two ways most of the news outlets covered this story.  The first was to say that Cap (as Captain America is known by comic book readers) was killed off by Marvel (the comic book company who publishes Captain America) because he was out of touch with today’s world and, thus, irrelevant.   The second was to say that it was a ploy to bring in new readers.  I believe he died for a different reason.  A reason so obvious that it seemed to be easily overlooked: It was the only possible conclusion to a storyline that had been building for over two years.

It’s easy to overlook that though.  It’s easier to just say that a character whose costume is based on the American flag is behind the times and doesn’t fit into these uncertain times.   The fact is though, even though Cap wore the flag and was a symbol of America, he wasn’t a blind jingoist with a “love it or leave it” attitude.  Cap stood for the ideals that America was based on, not whatever the current political climate was.  This recently led him to become a fugitive from the American government because he wouldn’t blindly follow a law that he felt went against what America should stand for.  His refusal to blindly go along with what he felt was an unjust law eventually led to a civil war within the Marvel universe.

It would be nice if the coverage of this event was based on the fact that this was a chapter in an engrossing ongoing story.   It’s, of course, easier to just jump to conclusions and make it sensational, but the story this event stemmed from is anything but sensational (at least not in the same way that Britney Spears shaving her head and Anna Nicole Smith dying are sensational).   It was heartfelt and it showed that Cap was a character willing to stand, and even die, for what he believed America should be.  In my opinion, that should be a good enough story on it’s own.

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