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Here is the link to the full article on jambands

I was reading it when this caught my eye:

Trey Anastastio:”I really have a hard time letting people down, by nature. That was part of what was doing me in—not wanting to let anybody down.”

The many times that I met Trey, this honestly is what I got from him. Literally sometimes. Like backstage at Coventry, he was honestly so worried about how the music was coming across. This was between nights so the weekend wasn’t completely over but alas he really honestly cares about what we think..

just a thought as summer winds down..

The Gimp

By the Gimp

Shows weren’t always a difficult thing. I didn’t become a gimp until 2003. Before 2003 I was your regular girl who worried mostly about whether the shade of blonde I had dyed my hair matched my skin tone. I worried wether or not the outfit I was wearing was the right outfit for wherever it was I was going. Most of the time, betwen 1998-2003 I was going to see jambands (Mostly Soular and Phish) and there was definitely a particular way to dress and a way you were treated by your choice of dress. First and foremost, the outfit that I chose first, was the visor kid outfit. A pair of cargo shorts, usually with a tank top and a visor. This visor was what attracted other visor kids to  you.


They would only talk to other folks with visors and I never quite understood. I also never felt really comfortable that way and so I looked around at the way people dressed in the scene and decided that the next way that I would dress would be in patchwork clothing.Patchwork Momma The clothes I wore were mostly made by me, but at the same time other vendors in the lot had actually started making plus sized patchwork clothing.  This was a surprise to me and a happy one! I had always believed in helping to support our own society and buying things from other people was the best way to do that. I never had a problem sellign my own clothes and it felt good to buy from others.  Now there really are only festivals to wear and sell these kinds of clothes. It surprised me at the beginnning,  that the way you dress on lot, is the way you were treated when you went to jamband shows. I don’t know if you knew that or not, but now you do.  After I met my groupie tour partner things changed. When going backstage to visit and or meet rockstars, the last thing you want to be wearing is patchwork. I did this once and to this day I’ll never forget the self consciousness I felt at meeting someone musically famous, someone who was my idol, in a patchwork dress. My tour partner taught me how to become a girlie girl on tour which I didn’t even really realize was a way you could dress in this scene. I didn’t know that girly girls  existed and thats because most of the time they were backstage. That’s where I ended up near the end of my phish career before the first hiatus but it ended up not being as wonderful as it’s cracked up to be. Being backstage almost ruined my love for the music and it was really hard to separate the two.  Meeting the men that make the music, getting to know them, well they weren’t perfect because who is. But we all expect them to be perfect and that’s the last thing that they are. Phish 2.o, or phish after the first hiatus,  was when I became the gimp and had to go to shows in wheelchairs and use canes and/or crutches. Clothing because less of an issue and mobility and visiblity because much more important and were the top priorities. I will say that It’s amazing how rude people can be when you are in a wheelchair and those of you reading this blog, please remember that those people in those chairs, those people using canes or crutches, they are people too and would like to enjoy the show and the music just as much as you. Even if you move just a few inches to the right that sometimes can make or break a gimp’s show. That’s all for now from the gimp. Hope you have a wonderfuly day.

So I’m cheating a little bit, heres a story I wrote awhile back about my backstage experience with Fish.

PholkTales: Encounters With the Band

Where oh where do I start this story. I guess I’ll start it wil the bus. I had gotten a small mini sized school bus and had decked it all out for summer tour 99, as I was doing the whole tour minus 3 shows. It had bunkbeds for 4, running water, a stove, and even had nice comfy carpet.

In the time that I had been decking the bus out, I had decided that I wanted to win the mimi fishman auction. This was their first auction, and I was going to win those tickets and backstage passes. I ended up bidding the most money and did choose Oswego as my show to use the tickets and passes. I can’t exactly remember the time frame, but about 2 weeks before tour, we decided to take the bus out for a maiden voyage and head to California for the Mountain Aire Festival ’99. 5 of us packed up stuff to sell, our camping gear, and ourselves and headed off. To make a long story short, the bus ended up catching on fire and
burning to the ground about 3 hours from the mountain aire festival site.

Luckily we were able to be picked up, the cops in northern cali were nice, as was the hotel that allowed us to stay for only 25 bucks a night. They had heard about the fire, and we were all sooty and dirty anyways. We all lookd pretty ragged. After we got home, I realized I had a problem. That bus was going to be my summer tour vehicle, and I didn’t quite know what to do. Luckily I had enough
money to rent a van, and thats the vehicle we did the tour in.

One week before tour, I recieved a phone call from Dionysian concerning my tickets and passes. The person from Dionysian and I ended up chatting for about a half an hour, and within this phone call, I was informed that Fishman wanted to meet me. WOW went through my head for most of this phone call, and I didn’t absorb much else besides how to find this person on the lot. I was asked if I was doing tour, and of course I was, so I was told to find a person with a phish laminate on at virginia beach (the first show the person from dionysian was going to be at).

Flash forward to Virginia Beach. Tour was going well. The mini van we had rented was WAY more comfortable then any school bus without a/c would of been, and I was looking forward to going backstage for the first time. I was nervous too because, well, fishman wanted to meet me. Wouldn’t you be nervous too? So pre-show as we were wandering the lot, I walked up to someone with a laminate on, and told them who I was looking for. I ended up going backstage and meeting this person. Backstage at Virginia Beach was amazing. I didn’t get to meet fishman that night, but I was told to come backstage the next night (merriweather) and the meeting would happen.

So of course I was on cloud 9, enjoying the music, my friends, and the fact that I was going to be going backstage for a 2nd time. 2 nights in a row. How amazing is this! I felt like it was instant karma for the bus catching on fire, and the contribution of money to a charity. The next night came, and the show was ok. I remember the divided sky was lackin a little bit, and to be honest, thats all I remember about that show. My tour partner and I waited for the majority of the crowd to leave and we were herded backstage with the rest of the people lucky enough to have an aftershow. We walked backstage and all the people who run the auction were there! I was so excited at meeting the people who were behind all of my good luck to be backstage at a phish show!!

We sat at some picnic tables and got to know each other. Eventually the person from dionysian came over, looked at fishman, looked at me, and said “are you ready to meet him?” I was sitting on the table top at this point, and my stomach commenced with the largest butterflies that I have ever experienced. I watched as Fishman walked over towards me. He gave me a big hug, and I told him how the contribution I had made was in memory of my grandmother, and that it was absolutely wonderful to get to meet him. Fishman, the people from the auction, myself and my tour partner, and the person from dionysian just sat in a small circle and we chatted..

It was so cool for little old me to be experiencing this, and I had no idea what was still in store for me. Fishman excused himself, said he’d be right back. We all continued to chat, when Fishman came back with a stack of plastic glasses and a bottle of champagne. At this point I felt like I was in the middle of any phish dream I could of possibly had in the previous few years. Fishman handed out the glasses to the small circle leaving one for him and I to share. He popped the cork,(telling us that he had stolen the bottle from Trey) and started pouring.

When everyone had a little bit of champagne he set the bottle down and proceeded to toast……to me!!!! I couldn’t believe it. This night was better then any night possibly could be while one is on tour. Fishman and I shared the glass and we all continued to chat a little bit more until it was time for fishman to go on the bus and head to the next show. I was floating at this point, grabbed the champagne bottle (I still have it to this day) and on the way back to the car, we passed someone selling fishman posters. I decided to get one to commemorate this fantastic night even more (tho its doubtful Ill ever forget it. Thanks to Fishman I had the night of my life and phish tour.

– Marnie 84-1h.jpg