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ANCIENT OLYMPIA, Greece – Three men from a free-press group ran onto the field of the stadium in Ancient Olympia during Monday’s flame-lighting ceremony for the Beijing Olympics, evading massive security aimed at preventing such disruptions in the wake of China’s crackdown in Tibet.

WASHINGTON (CNN) — The FBI continued in 2006 to badly mishandle letters that it uses to obtain personal records without a court order, according to a Justice Department report released Thursday.

COLUMBIA, South Carolina (AP) — Three people upset that a news crew was reporting on the arrest of a relative attacked the television reporter and yelled racial slurs at her and a photographer, authorities said Tuesday.

The individual user has been king on the Internet, but the pendulum seems to be swinging back toward edited information vetted by professionals.—Tickling-the-Truth-with-JB.html

BISHKEK (Reuters) – Kyrgyz rights activists will offer a prize of up to $1,000 in a contest for the ‘best song’ to protest against the presence of U.S. troops in the Central Asian republic, the event’s organizer said.

After all the craziness, Brit has finally calmed down enough to receive visitation rights for her kids. Today, she was able to finally see them and spend some time.

I haven’t had much inspiration to write lately, but the geek has been pullin through for ya guys. It’s summer time and I’m missing tour as usual. When you lose your lifelong hobby it can take years to fill that hole even if there isn’t a way to fill that hole at all.

I’m a blog writer with writer’s block. Not quite sure what to do but hopefully it’ll pass and I’ll have inspiration again.


The gimp

according to IGN

according to IGN…

i really hope tony doesn’t end up either dead or in prison.

my guess is that before he gets whacked by phil, he’ll get offered witness protection for providing info on the arabs. knowing he’ll get killed otherwise, tony’ll take the offer.

at some point, the reigns of the soprano family will be given to paulie, but he’ll be whacked shortly thereafter. silvio will then begin to recover from his injuries and take over jersey.

Jimmy Interview

Interview with the screenwriter of FF2: Rise of the Silver Surfer

Interview with the new writer of Thor

5 Things Captain America didn’t know about before he died.

Lyrics to Hey Negrita from The Rolling Stones album Black and Blue

Hey Negrita, hey now
Move your body, move your mouth
Shake lady, way down south
Shake baby, in your home town

Come si chiama, what’s you game
I’m just a poor man, what’s your name
Shake your body, do it up now
Shake body, move it up now

Hey Negrita, hey now
Hey conchita, shake it up now
Bate las caderas, do it up now

Flash of gold in your ears, child
Flash of gold in your eyes
Saw the gleam in your mouth
Saw the steel in your thighs
Do it up now

Bate las caderas, do it up now
Just a momentita, not so fast
I need money, my sweet ass
Listen I’m a poor man
My pay is low
Here’s one last dollar, then we go
“One last dollar,” she say “I got my pride”
Going to get your boss, boy
Going to tan your hide

Hey Negrita, hey now
Hey Negrita, do it right now

By the Gimp

Shows weren’t always a difficult thing. I didn’t become a gimp until 2003. Before 2003 I was your regular girl who worried mostly about whether the shade of blonde I had dyed my hair matched my skin tone. I worried wether or not the outfit I was wearing was the right outfit for wherever it was I was going. Most of the time, betwen 1998-2003 I was going to see jambands (Mostly Soular and Phish) and there was definitely a particular way to dress and a way you were treated by your choice of dress. First and foremost, the outfit that I chose first, was the visor kid outfit. A pair of cargo shorts, usually with a tank top and a visor. This visor was what attracted other visor kids to  you.


They would only talk to other folks with visors and I never quite understood. I also never felt really comfortable that way and so I looked around at the way people dressed in the scene and decided that the next way that I would dress would be in patchwork clothing.Patchwork Momma The clothes I wore were mostly made by me, but at the same time other vendors in the lot had actually started making plus sized patchwork clothing.  This was a surprise to me and a happy one! I had always believed in helping to support our own society and buying things from other people was the best way to do that. I never had a problem sellign my own clothes and it felt good to buy from others.  Now there really are only festivals to wear and sell these kinds of clothes. It surprised me at the beginnning,  that the way you dress on lot, is the way you were treated when you went to jamband shows. I don’t know if you knew that or not, but now you do.  After I met my groupie tour partner things changed. When going backstage to visit and or meet rockstars, the last thing you want to be wearing is patchwork. I did this once and to this day I’ll never forget the self consciousness I felt at meeting someone musically famous, someone who was my idol, in a patchwork dress. My tour partner taught me how to become a girlie girl on tour which I didn’t even really realize was a way you could dress in this scene. I didn’t know that girly girls  existed and thats because most of the time they were backstage. That’s where I ended up near the end of my phish career before the first hiatus but it ended up not being as wonderful as it’s cracked up to be. Being backstage almost ruined my love for the music and it was really hard to separate the two.  Meeting the men that make the music, getting to know them, well they weren’t perfect because who is. But we all expect them to be perfect and that’s the last thing that they are. Phish 2.o, or phish after the first hiatus,  was when I became the gimp and had to go to shows in wheelchairs and use canes and/or crutches. Clothing because less of an issue and mobility and visiblity because much more important and were the top priorities. I will say that It’s amazing how rude people can be when you are in a wheelchair and those of you reading this blog, please remember that those people in those chairs, those people using canes or crutches, they are people too and would like to enjoy the show and the music just as much as you. Even if you move just a few inches to the right that sometimes can make or break a gimp’s show. That’s all for now from the gimp. Hope you have a wonderfuly day.

from Riding High by Faze-o

i’m riding high…wanna take you on a love ride…everyone is a love junkie

again from


“With this update I’m pleased to announce the first new Ween release in a long while; “The Friends E.P.” will be released exclusively on Chocodog Records on June 8. It will not be available in stores until at least a few weeks later. It features 5 brand new songs, none of which will appear on the new full length Ween album scheduled to be released this fall on a “real” record label, not Chocodog. We have recorded a lot of new material the past year and we wanted to give you an appetizer for the summer. It is is the ultimate party record, filled with good beats and good times. Perfect for your barbecue or doing bong hits or whatever it is that you guys do. You really need to buy multiple copies through this website. If you download it or burn a copy from a friend your karma will be so fucked that you will be reincarnated as a tumor on a rat’s ass. We put a lot of time into this, like 4 years. What is that 9.5 months a song or something? You’re gonna buy it on I-tunes? No way. Seriously though, you’re gonna love it. And lastly, Aaron took a lot of pictures of our studio and you can view some of them by clicking here. I’m gonna update that page with new pics as Aaron sends them to me.”

IGN’s list of 25 top Electronic Albums

And two lists from them of top pirate songs

The final issue of the Ultimates comes out tomorrow. It’ been my favorite series for a while but it’s hard to be too excited when it’s taken them 30 months to come out with 13 issues.

born in the shadow of a coal mine
train ran thru the middle of town
hard to feel up
in a place so down

So the past few weeks of physical therapy have helped to make me less then a gimp. A couple years ago, I was at a phish show in a wheelchair. It was both at IT and at Coventry that I had to take a wheelchair. Now, if phish were to announce a show. I would be able to go with crutches and a ski pole. Those are the three things that I would take and most likely, I wouldn’t need any of em to get around unless it was muddy (like it probably would be). Todays therapy was the strongest of them all. I had no pain. Not one lick of pain while doing my exercises. I actually did the tape on both my knees, and even my new tattoo wasn’t hurting. I can’t even blame it on extra medicine either. I’m just plain getting better and getting less gimpy. Well less visually gimp

The geeks
Kris new tat CFH

The Gimps

So I can get up early tomorrow which means just once, I can stay up late and sleep for only 6 hours. I know there are people out there who would die for 6 hours and can live and exist on 2-6, I am the type of person who HAS to get at least 6 or I can’t honestly function like a human being. That’s one of those weird personal intimate things that you never talk about unless you are married to someone or best friends with someone. Since I have the geek, he already knows this shit so that leaves this place. I figured that I might as well write while I live in hopes of keeping myself grounded and going on the right path. I don’t give a flying frick ( to borrow from one of my favorite TV characters Blodie) about what’s going on anywhere else, right now, I’m on somewhat of a spiritual quest and I’m ready for the signs again. I guess I can’t ask for them, I have to stumble over them. I can’t believe it ended up in the trash (a missing letter) and I really don’t know how it ended up there. Don’t you hate it when you  have been busy all day long, and then suddenly, you lose a very important letter. Maybe it’s the results for your SAT, maybe it’s the letter of recommendation from a job that you can use to get yourself another one, or gosh, maybe it’s even one of those college letters which say either you’re in or you’re out.  I thought I lost it at the post office. I must have gotten the entire experience mixed up in my head and got everything mixed up in order. I must have gone here at one time and gone here at another time. I’m convinced that this all has to do with time but I’m not sure where to look for my next inspiration. Where’s my muse, where’s my serendipity. Please make her as hot as selma hayack or matthew mcconahayhay!!!

Right now, I’m pretty damn happy. We had some bad shit happen but everything has smoothed itself out and we are existing on a nice even keeled plane. I think it’s time to round out this post which of course has made no sense to anyone except the gimp and probably 2 50 year old women but all that matters is that I wrote it.


So the hubby worked another day and is coming closer to burnout. I hope that he makes it through the three month hump and gets better. They keep him pretty busy and hopefully with me back to work on friday we can have the machine up and running and well oiled like it was before my knee went awry. It’s amazing how me being out for so long has elicited so many changes.

High Hopes man, High Hopeshighhopes2.JPG

So today was good news from the multiple doctor visits that I have been having to go to in the past few weeks due to my new injury. This one really identifies me with being a gimp and always being a gimp. My kneecap dislocated for the second time in 9 years.

I had physical therepy today, and they taped it. Instead of that big black brace that squeaks my every move, I now have two pieces of tape that hold it in place. I’d say that if in 26 days, I can now walk without crutches, put my full weight on it and have it being held in place with tape that I am on my way to recovery. One of the therepists or doctors (can’t remember which by this point) told me it was a small tear in my MCL. If that rings any bells, medial collateral ligament maybe? I can’t remember anatomy and physiology too well but I think that’s what those three letters stand for. Anyone know for sure? Hope ya’ll have a great friday night and feel free to come hang at

We’ve all been there. There was no humanly possible way to get through 4 days and nights of some hard core raging without some help from Molly. I never really liked getting involved with the girl. She had this tendancy to make you feel so happy that you could crack into oodles of sunshine and glitter but sometimes you just have to do what you have to.

I was so hard to please, but look around..

Hazy shades of the end. The picketer who was crowing about God but not even noticing the strung out girl with the devil horns. Perhaps it really was the devil at that time. One never knows when they take a pair of horns and put em on. Are they looking through the world with those horns, or without? It’s a bit complicated if you put that twist on it.

Look around, grass is high ,it feels allright, it’s the springtime of my life

The only thing that I really wanted was the V. The only way to come down without wanting to slask your wrists or at least passed out without using the balloons, the V was what was written on my forehead backwards so that those looking at me only saw one word. That word started with VAL and many homemakers from the 50’s know exactly what I’m talking about

Fingers started shaking, I began to run.

Always have to run away when you are facing down the devil. But what if the devil. Is you?

I want to thank you, for letting me be myself, again. Thank you for letten me be myself again.

Each show that I feel deserves it, gets the devil horns. I didn’t wear them much befor 1999 and not much since I retired from traveling. Occaisionally a show will swing into town that requires them. Music and the live shows that produce the music, and of course the musicians themselves really all need to have a devil in the audience to remind them of whatever it is the devil reminds them of. I don’t do it for that reason really. I did it because I wanted my friends to be able to find me, I spent at least 25 shows in front? I would love to know that stat Dvade

Thank you, for lettin me be myself, again.Ahhhh I want to thank you, for lettin me by myself…again.

How do you thank hundreds of people for making 10 years of your life fantastic? I tried to get everyone here for the wedding, Ive gone to parties on the patio of an ocean side beach house in Orange County, California, to a parent’s basement in upstate new york. I don’t even think there would be a way for me to say thank you to them for letting me by myself. I just have to hope that my actions speak louder then my words.

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