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No-brainer findings uncover hidden truths in conventional wisdom

Creature uses leglike pectoral fins to burrow into crevices of coral reefs

Elizabeth Agin’s professional popularity is simple and deep: The Tennessee-based cemetery science investigator knows where the bodies are buried — and she can find out where there are more.

Every 11 years or so, the sun gets a little pissy. It breaks out in a rash of planet-sized sunspots that spew superhot gas, hurling clouds of electrons, protons, and heavier ions toward Earth at nearly the speed of light. These solar windstorms have been known to knock out power grids and TV broadcasts, and our growing reliance on space-based technology makes us more vulnerable than ever to their effects.

 NASA scientists have identified the smallest black hole ever found — less than four times the mass of our sun and about the size of a large city.

 — A chunk of Antarctic ice about seven times the size of Manhattan suddenly collapsed, putting an even greater portion of glacial ice at risk, scientists said Tuesday.

Jumbo jellyfish, starfish and sea spiders among scientists’ discoveries