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Despite rescuing hundreds of children from a sect, police are still in the dark. Andrew Gumbel reports

Court documents say 16-year-old already had four children

SAN ANGELO, Texas – Authorities planned to search Monday for more children and documents at a polygamist compound after  removing 220 women and children from the 1,700-acre West Texas ranch over the weekend.

More than 200 women and children have been removed from a Texas ranch that’s home to members of a polygamist sect, but authorities have not identified the girl who called them with allegations of abuse.

Woman demands apology, says ‘no one deserves to be treated this way’

Some cities rethink devices as drivers pay heed, reducing fine revenue

Last week, Dallas officials reviewed the numbers and decided that a quarter of the cameras they had installed to catch motorists running red lights were too effective. So they shut them down.

Dallas police were investigating Wednesday morning why a mother threw her two children off an overpass and then jumped into oncoming traffic on Interstate 30 near Jim Miller Road.

Family Opposition To Teenager’s Romance Suspected In Murders; Girl One Of 4 Arrested